Are you willing to take the next big step towards leading a greener lifestyle? Prepare to make changes to your wardrobe then as well. Here are some adjustments which you can make regarding the clothing and footwear you own and wear so that you can help our environment:

  1. Stop with those uncontrolled shopping sprees

Think about buying new clothing item or new shoes as if you are adopting a pet. Are you really ready to provide for it and give it the longest and best life it deserves? Or are you more inclined to quickly get bored of it and just stuff it deeper in your closet or throw it away? Imagine what your closet will look like if it contains only the clothes, shoes and accessories which you actually love and use? By limiting the number of clothing and other items you buy you will not only reduce the clutter at home but you will save a ton of money and best of all reduce all that waste with the tons of apparel being disposed of each year. Pick clothes which fit you well and which can be paired with one another well. Also, consider whether you will still be inclined to wear it after the season is over before buying it.

  1. Love and take care of your clothes

Limit the number of clothing you own but take good care of it, so that you can wear it longer. If it gets damaged or needs alterations don’t just throw it away – instead either mend it by yourself or ask a friend or local tailor to fix it for you.

  1. Avoid dry cleaning

Whenever you absolutely need to use the services of a dry cleaner, choose local green cleaner instead of the conventional one. The modern and eco-friendly green cleaners use water or other harmless cleaning techniques to professionally clean and take care of your clothes instead of the toxic and harmful chemicals used in traditional dry cleaning.

  1. Buy used clothes or vintage

This is an excellent form of recycling and plus will be amazed at the incredible clothes and shoes you can find on the second hand market or at a garage sale.

  1. Wash green

Make sure that you have a full laundry load before washing your clothes. Use eco-friendly washing detergent or soaps, and if possible wash at the lowest temperature and using the most energy efficient and fast program on your machine. When it comes time to buy a new washing machine make sure you invest in a green and energy efficient one.

  1. Go organic

Choose organic cotton or other organic materials which have not been treated with chemical fertilizers and other chemical processing materials and dyes. Read the labeling carefully next time you buy any clothes.

  1. Re-purpose clothing

You can turn old or damaged clothes into a number of other new things Give that old fabric a new life and create sustainable, beautiful and unique items which you can decorate your home with, give away as gifts or even sell!

With these simple changes you will not only have pretty clothes which you love and wear, but you will also declutter your home, save money and also help the environment!

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