So, you already lead a greener lifestyle at home, but how about being more eco-friendly at your workplace? Here are some ideas on creating and maintaining a much greener workplace and teaching your colleagues and employers proper corporate and social responsibility towards environmental preservation:

  1. Convince your employer to switch to a green and sustainable electricity supplier. Given the fact that everyday an average office uses tons of electricity for its lighting, air conditioning, computers and other activities, going green when it comes to electrical supply will be a huge step towards creating a greener workplace. Your employers and company owners are probably already aware of the fact that more customers, partners and suppliers prefer working with companies which are more environmentally conscious and engaged, so this positive change in the office could turn out to be a great big leap towards the right direction.
  2. Switch to green machines. Worrying statistics reported by Global Action Plan show that computer and other hardware is responsible for about 3-4% of the global carbon emissions. This means that by investing in green machines and switching from the old computers and office technologies to more sustainable new ones can actually help reduce the carbon emissions which are causing the catastrophic climate changes on a global level. Choose manufacturers who comply with environmental and ethical standards when making hardware and who use less toxic chemicals and recyclable materials for their machines. The most problematic areas in a business in regard to the environment are usually the servers and data centers where continuous cooling and powering of the machines needs to be provided, so investigate the possibilities of using energy efficient hardware and ecologically friendly cooling systems whenever it is possible.
  3. Introduce and reinforce cycling instead of driving to work. Not only is cycling a healthy way to stay fit and well, you can encourage your employees or co-workers to ride a bike to work by setting up a newsletter, campaigning for showers or organizing cycling mileage competitions in the office. Some employers are already joining governmental campaigns which provide subsidies for purchasing tax free bikes for work, such as the Cyclescheme in the UK.
  4. Encourage the people at your office to actively pursue the green idea by taking part in various eco-based initiatives such as Earth Day, National Bike to Work Day, Liftshare Day and others.
  5. Work on the development and implementation of an environmental policy at your company. It can be presented to the employees, the public and to customers and partners to explain in detail what specific steps your company is taking towards becoming a greener workplace. Set objectives and continuously check on the progress on achieving them and report it to the staff as well as to the interested third parties.
  6. Get your company accredited. Green accreditation is the best way to demonstrate and to stick to the environmental policies and procedures implemented in the organization. You can proceed to get accreditation in accordance to the international ISO 14001 standard, Green Mark, EMAS or IEMA to mention a few internationally recognized environmental standards.

Taking steps towards creating a greener workplace will benefit not only the environment, but will help your business and employee relations as well!

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