People in the US do not trust the government, the politicians or the industries for protecting the environment

With the growing awareness of the people in regard to the environmental problems, the pollution, the global warming and other pertinent issues which are affecting our lives and the lives of our children, Americans are still putting their faith in the environmental organizations to protect the environment. The least trust which Gallup’s environmental annual poll has reported is in the Government, the Republican Party, and the large corporations. More than ¼ of the population in the US has claimed that it trusts the local environmental groups “a whole deal” for protecting the environment. About 43% have expressed a moderate amount of trust in these groups, and just 3 out of every 10 people say that they have little or no trust in these groups. The results are also the same for national environmental groups, but overall the trust in these groups has been decreasing since 2000.

The Government

Of all people who participated in the poll, 22% say they trust the federal environmental agencies a great deal, and 42% trust them moderately. The public trust is slightly lower when it comes to State environmental agencies, the poll shows.

The Politicians

Only 11% of the Americans have expressed a great amount of trust in politicians to help protect the environment, and 33% claim they have moderate trust in them. More than 50% have expressed very little or no trust when it comes to protecting the environment and the role which the US Congress plays in the process. What has been done to reduce the footprint of the manufacturing facilities such as those for tires or work boots manufacturing is not enough. As for the political parties, the results of the poll show that the Democratic Party is trusted in full by 15% of the people, and moderately by 37%. On the other hand, only 9% claim that they trust the Republican Party for paying an important role in environmental protection, and 32% have moderate amounts of trust in the Republicans when it comes to the environment.

The private industry

People seem to trust the smaller industries more than the larger corporations for their role in protecting the environment.  15% trust the smaller business a great deal and 30% trust them moderately. The larger industries gain only 7% of a great amount of trust and 29% a moderate amount of trust for doing something to help protect the environment. Just look at the safety work boots at MyBootprint and think about it - producing each pair that help working americans do their job well has its price with high footprint. Each of the factories could offset it by planting trees or enforcing improved work practices. Overall, the results of the poll show that Americans have very little trust in either the Government, the large Industries and in the politicians for taking counteractions against the various environmental threats. So, the question is - who do the American people trust to do something about our endangered environment?

By icnpb, ago